Jennie McLaurin

  • Establish next steps for development of 3? Stories, plus the one we had spoken about earlier (find our notes on this?)

    • Kathy 
      1. Concepts:
        1. Done
          1. Informatics story - 
        2. Under current (ended) contract that ended July 31 -
          1. Two Harvest Meeting stories as Dr. Mclaurin, as was told for the July 31 contract.
        3. Needs to be in new contract
          1. HealthEfficient how they managed federal allotments of vaccines??? 
          2. California Asian CHC? got CMO and Medical Director positions together and got test kits??
      2. Contracting
        1. Can do two more without an additional contract or we can do more, but add them to August 1 and she can write a 2 of vignettes from the Harvest Meeting.
    • How and by when we will identify the themes and partners for those stories
    • By when would Jennie review the materials and refine the theme
    • Research and interviews
    • First draft

HealthEfficient Case Example

Case Example: NACHC worked with a network partner on the COVID Multi-State project called Building Capacity of Community Health Centers to Respond to COVID‐19.

The Informatics Team

-Worked with the network to learn about the Data Dictionary, which describes all the terms used in the electronic health record system (Chris Utman at Health Efficient could explain)

-We discovered the HCCN did not have an easy way of extracting the data shared with them by their member health centers.

-The NACHC team worked with them to change the terms in their Data Dictionary so that their local system at the point of care could find those terms (mapped the terms). (Raymonde on NACHC Informatics team could explain)

-We then found that the local data from the health centers did not match those terms, so we helped them re-identify them to match and spoke with their vendor to improve the way they extracted data for the future. (Get Julia or Ray to talk about why this matters)

Meeting Date: 5/19/2021 10:45 AM


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Invitation Message


Sarah Price (Meeting Organizer)

Jennie Mclaurin

Andrea Price (Accepted in Outlook)


The informatics story - why it is important, the journey of informatics on COVID project





Dr. Laura Miller from CHCN

Harvest Meeting attendance as a place to collect stories and bring them out to a product that can be disseminated.

Introductory Meeting

5 vignettes