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Scope: post-partum follow up

  • Introduction: Pedro B Carneiro Pedro to do lit review and first draft with Jayson
  • Women's Health data quality
  • Women's health measures-- post-partum
  • Literature Review - who will do?
  • 1) Raymonde Uy  with Jayson Challenges in Women's Health Data
  • Lack of equity in support for women's health content
  • EHR data is already bad
    • Support for extraction variable
    • Across sites standardization is worse
  • Summary of HCD approach from NACHC
  • Partners
  • Components of the primary outcomes→ analysis of the data available
  • Data quality is terrible
    • In part standardized support would help
    • Lack of transitions of care data
  • Need for pregnancy episode
    • Pregnancy status
    • LMP
    • EDD
    • Delivery date
    • Pregnancy outcome
  • Support for peri- and post-partum transitions of care
    • Inpatient to outpatient data transmission
    • Handoff to primary care
    • Linked maternal and infant records 
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