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  1. CDC Personnel schedules
  2. Data Summary Update
  3. Jira/Confluence



NACHC Informatics Team

Hollie Clark until  

Michael Park

Lisa Romeroback on  

Discussion items

TimeItemWhoNotesAction Items

CDC Personnel SchedulesKathleen McNamara
  • There is a re-organization going on in addition to the rotation scheduling.
  • Health Systems Coordination is moving to Clinical, within the same task force

Data Update

  • Cleaning up data received in January 2021 - no analytics yet to show since the data includes all of 2020 and just came in, it's a large volume and the team is cleaning the data.  Next data pull is  for hte 
  • Data Strategy - Data Dictionary (see slides)
  • Metrics we are targeting 
  • Data classes (see slides)
  • Challenge: Identifying exposure to COVID - there are several codes for this.
  • We use influenza vaccine info to look at expectations for COVID vaccines - especially looking at outside of clinic vaccinations, and then report to their clinic.
  • FQHCs have address info and can identify household linkages, but NACHC team must collect PHI - so get either data linkage or info from FQHC.
  •  Julia Skapik provide a word description of the measures and the slides

Feedback and questions

Hollie Clark

Michael Park

  • CDC team is charged with establishing a denominator, so having the FQHC patient vs. non-patient will be helpful
  • HRSA has just removed the antibody testing survey from their survey.
  • Having info on telehealth will help
  • Would be helpful to look at by race & ethnicity.  SDOH  was prohibited to be reported in some places.  

Michael Park
  • Can CDC work with the data themselves? (Is this what Michael is asking?) or being able to look more at the NACHC data and asking for analyses

Next meetingKathleen McNamara

Topics for next week:

  • Jira/Confluence
  • Questions about electronic case reporting
  • Schedule additional time
  •  Kathleen McNamara will move the time for next week to 45 minutes and will include these agenda points.