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Formal title: Identifying Essential and Frontline Workers Using Structured Work Information

Amount $793,213

Funding term: One year only

Due August 09, 2021

CDC Occupational Data (ODH)


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name7.3 million CDC Work Plan in Response to CIO Project Plan Template_ OT18-1802 FY20 Y4.pdf
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Amount $793,213

Funding term: One year only

Due August 09, 2021

CDC Occupational Data (ODH)

NACHC SOW: see below

1) Recruit 3 networks or large health centers who can implement the ODH content:

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  • evaluate technical capacity and existing EHR support for the topics above (consider checking the related IG list from the powerpoint)
  • 0.25 FTE PM for overall project (can come from Andrea's UCSF hours?)

2) Compile the IG and value sets into a guide for CHCs from the following resources:

  • Include a new concept for "essential workers" (multiple categories likely needed) and utilize existing "health care worker" definitions
  • Pedro 0.3 FTE
  • Raymonde 0.2 FTE
  • Julia 0.05 between this and next category?

3) Implement feasible ODH Data Collection:

  • Registration: Tablet
  • Survey via text or email
  • MA/CHW follow up?
  • Pedro 0.1 FTE
  • Raymonde: 0.1 FTE

4) Aggregate Data and Report Findings to CDC:

  • Load data into Cosmos
  • Perform analytics
  • Data analyst: 0.2 FTE
  • Pedro: 0.1 FTE


  1. How can NIOSH identify potential healthcare partners to collect and use ODH?

  1. How can NIOSH best champion the collection and use of ODH in primary care

  1. settings?

  1. How can NIOSH socialize the value of ODH with workers, so they will enter the

  1. information in their records?

  1. Once ODH is in EHRs, what are the most important problems it could be used

  1. to address?