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News and Announcements 

Project Overview 


    • To provide feedback and expertise related to the functionality of PRAPARE  in EHR systems.

Goals and Objectives: 

    • To develop content, obtain feedback, and enhance PRAPARE implementation and data use strategies in health centers. 
    • To improve SDOH data collection that is essential to address gaps in care and to quantify the value of health centers.

Scope of Work: 

    • The PRAPARE Tiger Team will convene bi-weekly via conference call (1 hour) to discuss the functionality of the PRAPARE Template in EHR systems 
    • NACHC and AAPCHO will look to the PRAPARE Tiger Team to highlight areas of potential concern and possible solutions, alternatives and next steps regarding the implementation and functionality of the PRAPARE EHR template. 
    • Engage in PRAPARE 2.0 development and feedback, content integration 
      • 3 focus areas include: 
        • Assessing: Data collection, analysis, coding, and flow
        • Operational: Implementation of tool itself 
        • Responding: Responding to the data
    • Anticipated workload is 2-3 hours per month with primary methods of communications by email and conference calls with NACHC and AAPCHO staff.
    • The PRAPARE Tiger Team may also be convened on an ad hoc basis to address special project related issues as they arise.    

Period of Performance:

    • It is anticipated that the PRAPARE Tiger Team will convene in January 2021 and continue to be engaged through the duration of the year.
    • The PRAPARE Tiger Team will meet twice a month on Mondays from 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern via teleconference. 

2021 Meeting Schedule 

The PRAPARE Tiger Team will meet twice a month on Mondays from 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern via teleconference. 

Open Office Session  will take place ever other Monday from 2:00-2:30pm (30minutes)  Eastern. 


Meeting Topic                                                     

Registration Link                                                    


Open Office Session (30min)Register here for Office Hours


Responding: Responding to and using data

Register here for "Responding" meetings


Open Office Hours (30min)Register here for Office Hours


Assessing: Data collection, coding, and flow

Register here for "Assessing" meetings


Close Up Session of 2021- Lessons Learned- Reconvene in 2021 

(Stay Tuned)

 Meet the Team

Julia Skapik MD, MPH, FAMIA

Medical Director, Informatics


Nalani Tarrant, MPH, PMP

Deputy Director, Research


Pedro Carneiro, MPH

Clinical Data Scientist


Yuriko de la Cruz, MPH, CPHQ

Social Determinants of Health Manager


Sarah Halpin, MPH

Program Associate


Albert Ayson, Jr., MPH

Associate Director, T/TA


Vivian Li, MS

Research Project Manager/Analyst


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