To Infinity and Beyond!

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Curriculum / Concepts

  1. Design Thinking Framework​ and No Code Development​

    1. No Code Development​

      1. GlideApps, Thunkable, Landbot​

      2. Free to use any other no code tool for Capstone​ Project

    2. Examples

      1. COVID patient registry​

      2. Facemask image recognition​

      3. COVID risk assessment chatbot​

  2. Principles of Health Informatics and Electronic Health Records​

    1. Case study evaluation of commercial and open source electronic health record​ software

      1. Epic

      2. eClinicalWorks

      3. NextGen

      4. athenahealth / athenaONE / athenaClinicals
      5. Allscripts
      6. Cerner
      7. Open Electronic Medical Record (OpenEMR)
      8. OSHERA VistA
      9. Open Medical Record System (OpenMRS)
      10. OpenEHR
  3. Innovation in Healthcare and Digital Health Business Models​

    1. Diffusion of innovation framework for Capstone Project​

    2. Business model canvas of a digital health company ​or industry vendor solution of choice

  4. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Healthcare​

    1. Imaging Informatics and Machine Learning

      1. AI model for x-ray classification using Teachable Machine (normal, viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, COVID)​

      2. Data science platform using Rapidminer for COVID patient analysis (decision tree model)

  5. Digital Health, Telehealth, Public Health Informatics​

    1. Case studies on public health solutions for COVID-19​

      1. Telehealth solutions
      2. Data aggregation
      3. Pandemic predictive models
      4. Common data models
  6. Security and Privacy in Healthcare, Ethics in Health Informatics Management​

    1. Cybersecurity protocols for Capstone Project​

    2. Case studies on ethics in health informatics​

      1. Therac-25​

      2. Chris Gerdes and Waymo​

      3. Cogient and Accutane​

      4. Fitbit

      5. Intersystems and Johns Hopkins​

    3. Exercise : Google Phishing Quiz​

    4. Exercise : Cybersecure your medical practice

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