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Formal title: Identifying Essential and Frontline Workers Using Structured Work Information

Amount $793,213

Funding term: One year only

Due August 09, 2021

Funder: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)

CDC Occupational Data (ODH)


NACHC SOW: see below

1) Recruit 3 networks or large health centers who can implement the ODH content:

  • evaluate technical capacity and existing EHR support for the topics above (consider checking the related IG list from the powerpoint)
  • 0.25 FTE PM for overall project (can come from Andrea's UCSF hours?)

2) Compile the IG and value sets into a guide for CHCs from the following resources:

  • Include a new concept for "essential workers" (multiple categories likely needed) and utilize existing "health care worker" definitions
  • Pedro 0.3 FTE
  • Raymonde 0.2 FTE
  • Julia 0.05 between this and next category?

3) Implement feasible ODH Data Collection:

  • Registration: Tablet
  • Survey via text or email
  • MA/CHW follow up?
  • Pedro 0.1 FTE
  • Raymonde: 0.1 FTE

4) Aggregate Data and Report Findings to CDC:

  • Load data into Cosmos
  • Perform analytics
  • Data analyst: 0.2 FTE
  • Pedro: 0.1 FTE

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