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  1. Summary Statistics:
    1. Number of unique patients
    2. percentage of patients tested
    3. Number of unique PrEP patients
    4. Number of unique HIV diagnoses
    5. Number of positive tests
  2. Primary Analysis
    1. Aim: Can EHR data be used to implement HIV testing clinical guidelines?
    2. Hypothesis:: EHR data can be used for HIV testing clinical guidelines, however lack of SDOH data may jeopardize our ability to pin point risk
    3. Denominator: All Patients seen for medical visits  13-64
    4. Numerators: Many
    5. Relevant data elements:
      1. SDOH
      2. Biomedical (PrEP PEP, with dosage, quantity, indication...)
      3. Testing results
      4. Diagnoses
    6. Outcomes:
      1. Seroconvertion
      2. PrEP uptake
      3. % untested
  3. Other Analysis
    1. AIM: Can we identify PrEP components (Adherence, persistence, initiation) using EHR data?
    2. Hypothesis: It is not possible to full grasp PrEP components using only EHR data
    3. Relevant data elements:
      1. Medication breakdowns
      2. Risk/SDOH
      3. PrEP care (STI screening, Rx)
  4. Other Analysis 2
    1. AIM: Who is being tested for HIV
    2. Hypothesis: Only demographically identifiable "risk" groups (Gay, Transgender women, IDU)
    3. Relevant data:
      1. SDOH
      2. Testing data
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