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Denominator1: UDS patients or patients with a medic{al encounter in 2019 or beyond

Denominator2: Patients who received a COVID-19 related service (testing, vaccine, other screening for SDOH) without a medical visit or meeting UDS criteria


  1. Demographics

    1. Race & Ethnicity

    2. Gender

    3. Age (categories)

    4. Location (Zip or Partial Zip/State)-- include state at a minimum

    5. SOGI

  2. SDOH

    1. Food Insecurity
    2. Housing Insecurity/Homelessness


  1. Unique # of patients who had each following type of COVID-19 tests and their corresponding results
    1. PCR
    2. Antigen
    3. Antibody
      1. IgG
      2. IgM
      3. Others
  2. Total # of unique patients tested by result for diagnostic tests: positive, negative, indeterminate
  3. Unique # of patients tested with positive results (diagnostic only)
  4. Average number of tests per unique patient
  5. Antibody tests and results by unique patient: positive, negative, indeterminant
  6. What is the percent of patients who had a positive Antigen test had a follow-up molecular/PCR test?
  7. What is the average time from a positive Antigen test result to a molecular/PCR report? 


Number of Denominator1 who are vaccinated (unique patients):

  1. To Flu:
    1. At FQHC affiliated site
    2. All other flu vaccine history in 2020
  2. To COVID-19: 
    1. At FQHC affiliated site
    2. All other COVID-19 vaccine history in 2020

Number of Denominator2 patients who received vaccination with:

  1. Flu at the FQHC affiliated site
  2. COVID-19 at the FQHC affiliated site


  1. Number of patients with codes for COVID-19 exposure, suspected COVID, COVID-19+ diagnosis
    1. Look at how many COVID-19 diagnosed patients have a positive test
  2. Number of comorbidities per positive patients

Encounters: exclude Denominator2:

  1. Number of encounters per patient by week or month
  2. Number of encounters per COVID-19 + patient
  3. Encounters for Post-COVID


  1. Post-COVID syndromes
    1. How many patients were diagnosed with PASC, MISC, Long COVID, Post-COVID syndromes?
      1. By month
  2. Death: How many patients with COVID-19 + were noted to have died 
  3. Hospitalizations
  4. Complications
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