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AdminHollie Clark

Lisa Romero will be back on  

Hollie Clarkwill roll off

Tabitha will be coming onto the team

Next meeting agendaJulia Skapik

CHCN will be presenting their work on  

Data SummaryJulia Skapik

The CHC at which Julia Skapik sees patients, PRAPARE Community Health Workers call families and do the whole PRAPARE survey, which triggers services like food drops during quarantine. Its helping them identify the needs during COVID.



Discussion of completeness of the data.

Pedro B Carneiro Regarding the "Unknown" category.  In UDS data we find that when you have Race and Ethnicity, they say Race unknown, ethnicity as Hispanic.  It is seems clear that most of this number is likely Hispanic.

John Gresh we get the data, organize it into our model, then conform it to OMOP so it can be shared more widely.

Suzanne Marks Q: Is the denominator for rates the number of unique patients or is it number of visits? does it account for multiple visits per unique patient?

Julia Skapik A: the 38k was unique patients -- we will show number of encounters per person-- I am guessing these patients are only health center patients and not patient who have just shown up for testing so they may need to add those back

Julia Skapikpatient example: A man who has symptoms but declines a test during the telehealth visit.  His symptoms persist so he goes to a test site unaffiliated with the CHC.  During a follow up visit, he recounts that he was tested and was positive for COVID.  The physician is able to enter this into the medical record at the CHC.  If he had not shown up for his follow-up visit, this would not have been recorded.

Michael Park @parkCan we see... multiple tests by occupation data?

Raymonde Uy Attempts at capturing SDoH Employment/Occupation data in a structured way:

John Gresh We can get counts of individual patients being tested more than once and then go tie that to occupation.

Julia Skapik at her CHC, occupation is free text so it is hard to analyze.

Hollie Clark no need at this point for Word summary document, the slides will be fine.

Julia Skapik will be looking for deaths and hospitalizations in the future - the numbers could be larger later.

Michael Park

Julia Skapik Two categories of data we are NOT getting: one category of data where they are still working around data sharing; the other is if there is a barrier to aggregating the data we are asking for - example: they have data but it is not well-enough populated so they took it out.

COVID-19 CDC Data Analyses