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  1. Summary statistics
    1. Influenza Vaccination Rates per Partner Network
    2. + COVID vaccination rates
  2. Primary analyses:
    1. Goal statement
      1. To establish baseline data on adult immunization, implement evidence-based quality improvement, identify gaps, create implementation toolkits and demonstrate improved adult immunization rates
    2. Hypothesis 
      1. Implementation of evidence-based QI strategies will increase adult immunization rates among community health centers in networks and primary care associations
    3. Denominator
      1. All unique adult patients
    4. Exclusion criteria
      1. None
      2. Propose: clinical immunization exclusions: evidence of anaphylactic reactions to vaccine component
    5. Numerator 
      1. All unique adult patients who have had an influenza vaccination within the performance period
    6. List of relevant data elements to the analysis
      1. Incidence of influenza vaccination
      2. Incidence of COVID vaccination
    7. List of related outcomes
      1. Decreased incidence of influenza visits
      2. Decreased incidence of COVID-related visits
    8. List of potential predictors or covariates
      1. Various SDOH elements
      2. Age group
      3. Political leaning?
  3. Other data sets for comparison


2) Create data dictionary

3) Check data dictionary against analytics for completeness

4) Receive data

5) Provide summary statistics to partner on primary data elements, demographics

6) Review assumptions and discuss QA or data questions

7) Refine analytic plan and initiate analyses

8) Begin primary analyses according to plan

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